Easy Hydroponic Tomato - No Pumps! Experiment DIY - YouTube

http://easygrowsit.com A very easy and simple hydroponics system that's perfect for the beginner... The nutrients I use here are the 3 part General Hydroponics three part flora nutrient system. A tried and trued nutrient lineup that might be the most used nutrients in the world. I'm also using General Hydroponics calcium magnesium nutrients as suggested in their drain to waste program to avoid BER (blossom end rot). I've been doing this experiment for three weeks now and everything is working great thus far. I am hoping it does as well all the way through the experiment. At this point, an experiment is all that this is. If this works well, I plan to continue using it for a long time to come. You can't beat a simple working system. Even if it produces 80% as well as a pump powered system, I think I would prefer it for its simplicity and reduced equipment cost. This could even be used outside if you account for rainfall that could flush all nutrients from your growing media.