Let's Play Sumotori Dreams [HD] Part 1 - YouTube

Edit 2: 10,000!?!? HOLY BALLS! IT'S OVER 9 *gets blackjacked* Edit 1: Over 4000 Views!? HOLY CRAP! You guys are amazing, I love you all! It is hard to call this a Let's Play per se as the game is not linear but it is gameplay with commentary so there you go! This had to be one of the most fun times I've had recently, I really enjoyed making this even if it did take forever. The game is called Sumotori Dreams (if you didn't already guess). It's a small little indie game. All I can say is I can not believe this actually happened, it totally made my day. Please rate and comment, I like to know that people like my videos :D I may do more of this game later, hard to say with the non-linear ones but either way I will put up some 'official' Let's Plays at some point so look forward to it! http://www.gravitysensation.com/sumotori/