Minecraft Tutortial: TNT Cannon! - YouTube

Whats up guys YDRFilmms bring you a decent TNT Cannon for the xbox360 edition of Minecraft! Hope you enjoy! TEXT TUTORIAL : 1st- Make a 8 x 3 area for your cannon. 2nd- Put the cobblestone where you see in the video. 3rd- Place the redstone repeators where you see in the video. 4th- Place the delay all the way back on the last two repeators. 5th- Place redstone where you see on the video. 6th- Put the button and redstone torches where i do. 7th- Fill with water and place the cobblestone where i do. 8th- Place your TNT and press button. 9th- HAVE FUN! Projected Twin's Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectedTwin