Minecraft - Advanced Enchanting Tutorial - YouTube

An in-depth enchanting tutorial showing you how to make an enchantment table, how to use bookcases, possible enchantments, and more. ---------------------------------------------------Armor Enchantments--------------------------------------------- Protection - Converts environmental damage to armor damage Fire Protection - Protection against fire Feather Falling(boots only) - Less fall damage Blast Protection - Protection against explosions Projectile Protection - Protection against projectile entities (e.g. arrows) Respiration(helmet only) - Decreases the rate of air loss underwater; increases time between damage while suffocating Aqua Affinity(helmet only) - Increases underwater mining rate -----------------------------------------------Weapon Enchantments---------------------------------------------- Swords- Sharpness - Extra damage Smite - Extra damage to zombies, zombie pigmen and skeletons. Bane of Arthropods - Extra damage to spiders, cave spiders and silverfish Knockback - Knocks mobs and players backwards upon hit Fire Aspect - Lights the target on fire Looting - Mobs have a chance to drop more loot Bows- Power - Extra damage Punch - Knockback effect on mobs Flame - Sets arrows and mobs on fire. Infinity - Gives infinite shots with a single arrow. ---------------------------------------------------Tool Enchantments----------------------------------------------- Efficiency - Faster resource gathering while in use Silk touch - Mined blocks will drop themselves Unbreaking - At each use, there's a chance the tool's durability will not decrease. Fortune - Can multiply the drop rate of items from blocks