AgentTer's Super Mario Bros. fan game test update 1 - YouTube

Version 1.0.152. Showing off some of what i have completed so far of my Mario fan game. The newest additions are the blue shell, red star, and cloud flower powerups. This is being coded in visual basic 6 using directx7. The game currently includes a fully functional world map, a bunch of powerups used in several different Mario games, you can play as either Mario or Luigi, and some other stuff that isn't shown in this video. The level played is just a beta level used for testing. Anything in the video that appears to happen for no reason (Like Mario getting a powerup out of no where) is used for testing purposes. I was basically just fooling around in this video to test the game's code. Sorry for the poor video editing, i quickly cut a few parts of the video out to lower the file size. Click here to see part 2: Click here to see part 3: UPDATE: For people asking if i can send them the New Super Mario Bros. Wii sound effects, i have uploaded a ZIP file containing some of the ones that i ripped to Here is the link:¶m=02&c=5&id=28101 This is a non-profit fan-made game. I do not claim ownership of the characters, sound effects, or music; characters, sound effects, and music belong to Nintendo.