Tubular beadwork tutorial (Chenille Stitch): a simple idea for a tubular beadwork | Beading Tutorial - YouTube

http://www.sararmoniasara.com .___. http://www.beadsfriends.com My Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Sararmoniasara Facebook ------°°°° http://www.facebook.com/BeadsFriends Link to Sereine's blogs http://astucesdesereine.canalblog.com/ http://cartonsetperles.canalblog.com/ Hello Beads Friends! Yesterday evening I was working on a tubular herringbone I started more than a month ago, and while I was working I have had a very simple idea to develop the herringbone pattern. I followed my idea and I made the tubular beadwork that now I am showing you, it's very simple but I think it's nice. In the next video I will show you all the steps to create this tubular beadwork. After few days some friends told me that this stitch was made by a french bead designer called Sereine, and this stitch is called Chenille. For now that's all, see you soon on the next video! Have a nice beading, Sara.