Bloons Tower Defense 5 Temple of the Monkey God's Ability - YouTube

**Read Description before commenting** The Super Monkey's Upgrade, the Temple of the Monkey God, may get rid of your other towers at its radius, but it is actually not a bad situation. The Temple can have an extra upgrade to itself depending on the tower, and the towers don't need to be upgraded, instead just its large sun ray. It's will be shown in the video, tested on a BFB. 0:24 The Temple without any nearby towers taken. 0:48 The Temple with a regular monkey (other towers like a tack shooter may work) It shoots multiple darts at its radius. 1:19 The Temple with 2 Super Monkeys (unknown of if more of the other towers works) Shoots multiple blades at its radius. 1:48 The Temple with a Bomb Tower (Mortar also works) Shoots rockets at Bloons. 2:25 The Temple with an Ice Tower. Shoots snow/icy substance to freeze Bloons. 2:59 The Temple with a Glue Gunner. Shoots Glue to slow down Bloons. 3:35 The Temple with a Monkey Apprentice. Shoots Twisters to back away Bloons from the exit. 4:11 The Temple can have many upgrades to itself. (Can't have both darts and blades) Hope this help you on BTD5. And subscribe if you like this.