KSM Foundation Bass Bridge vs stock, Install & review - YouTube

KSM Guitars sent me their new aircraft-aluminum bridge to check-out. I don't like aluminum frying pans, why would i like this? Steel is real. Compared to stock & Badass bridges on my Peavey Millennium BXP4 and my Squier Vintage Mod. Jazz fretless - the diff was NOT subtle. This install was straight because my original bridge was well set up. Otherwise, do it the long way & take advantage of the precision of the design. I was surprised how much better aircraft aluminum hardware sounds than steel, brass or mystery metal. It has faster response/transmission of vibration & electrical energy than brass, zinc alloy or steel! The old strings actually sounded like I'd boiled them clean. I will also post comparisons of KSM Foundation vs. Leo Quan Badass. THAT will surprise you. Thanks for your suggestions about gear to review & special thanks to the crew @ KSM Guitars! Now I'm an African drummer who plays guitar & edits bass hardware videos.