8 Ways to Bully Kids in Minecraft (Part 2) - YouTube

This is still me and adopolus, but we also got 2 of my friends to help out. Please rate, subscribe, and leave a like. If this gets alot of views, like the first one, we will make a part 3! Here are the lines to the poem at the end: I hope you liked our movie, I thought it was pretty groovy. It took us a while, special thanks to kyle (aka adopolus) Some parts may have been scary, good thing we got gary (aka HB_AQUA_MAN). The person recording is ian, he sounds like he is European (aka HB_ian). I hope this gets a good rating, hope there is no hating. I hope you all subscribe, I dont want us to bribe. Please enjoy these bloopers, and please, dont be party poopers.