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Powerful Deep Delta Binaural Beats Meditation Trance, Sleep etc. Free Full Meditation Program http://www.joy-meditation.com This Video Features Very Powerful Deep Binaural Beats (Delta Brainwaves) Healing Relaxation Meditation Music. This video soundtrack features a very low Delta Wave Binaural Beat meditation base track @ 2hz for extremely deep meditation effect, combined with a beautiful relaxation exploration music track. Warning: This is probably the deepest binaural beats meditation track on all of YouTube! Subscribe to my channel for more amazing binaural beats! If you like the video please leave a comment, click the "Like" button and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. If I get good feedback I will create more great meditation videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD8sofpB5I0 binaural beats, bill harris, holosync, lifeflow, hemi sync, robert monroe, centerpointe relaxation, relaxing, relax, stress, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotize, nlp, neuro linguistic programming, paraliminal, paul r scheele, learning strategies