1936 Stover Hit-N-Miss Engine - YouTube

This is my 1936 Stover Hit-N-Miss engine that I bought from a customer of mine. It originally went to a cement mixer. It was broken and all rusted up. After 2 years of parts sourcing I got it completed and now it's a generator. I built the custom frame out of angle iron and powder coated it black. The wood was stained and varnished. I have a reproduction 1930's generator that has an AC alternator in it that goes to a 12 volt battery and a 1700 watt power inverter inside the wood box. The customer I bought it from always wanted to restore it but due to his bad health was never able to do it himself. He had many offers to sell it but he refused but he did agree to sell it to me because I proposed we restore it together. But due to his worsening health he was unable to do anything to it. I completed it myself over a 2 year span and my brother and I trucked it over to my customers hospice center to let him see and hear it run. He was soo happy, like a kid again and he actually cried. And this old guy was a tough as nails man! His wife was thrilled that we kept our promise and showed it to him all restored. 2 weeks later he died from his cancer. I'm honored to have been able to restore it and show it to him. It was his very last happy moment before he passed his wife said.